Real Estate is big right now. Many people are considering either making the jump to it full-time or moonlighting. Below are 3 mistakes you will want to avoid when considering this type of career choice.

1) This is not going to be a "get rich" type of career move. Many gurus like to tell you otherwise. Real estate and property investment take a great deal of work.

You will need to earn your way. You will need to work from the ground up and pay your dues. Does this sound appealing? Those who feel the opposite are getting into the work field. They are also doing this for the wrong reasons. You have to understand the risk involved. You have to be okay with lots of hard work.

2) You have to have a plan in place. This is not something where you can play as you go. You have to have a short-term and long-term plan in place. You also need to have a backup plan, in case something goes wrong. Anyone real estate agent worth their salt has a plan. You cannot make it up as you go. This is one of the biggest reasons why some do not succeed with this. 

3) Getting involved in real estate and property investment will take some serious cash flow. Do you have enough? Will you have enough? You will need money for licensing. You will need out-of-pocket money for expenses. You pay for all your own costs until a deal goes through. Once the deal goes through, you only get between 20-30%. It all depends on what the purchase price is. All that money is used to pay yourself back. Anything leftover is for you.

Choose carefully. Are you up for the challenges and sacrifices you will need to make?

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